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welcome to 'scarce records,' a blog to showcase and discuss some of the most interesting vinyl releases ever pressed as well as the record collecting hobby itself. each post will feature a different record with information on the release, how i came across it, its supposed book value and anything else that might be relevant. new records are posted at least three times per week.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Little Richard - Here's Little Richard (Specialty SP 100)

It's been a good little while since my last update. Today's record is one of the first great non-Beatles records I bought. Here's Little Richard's "Here's Little Richard." My friend Leroy in Warner Robins bought this in a flea market and later sold it to me. Leroy and I do a lot of trading but this was one of the rare times I actually purchased something from him. He's one of my two or three best record collecting friends. That is, of my friends who have an interest in vinyl, he is one of the closest. Anyways, where Leroy found this record is especially interesting. Warner Robins, Georgia is essentially the sister city to Macon, Georgia. Macon, in case you didn't know, is where Little Richard is from. This record, being SP 100 instead of SP 1000, had a very short print run and is the first pressing of Little Richard's first record. I like to think this copy once belonged to a friend or family member of Little Richard. Goldmine says it's worth $700. As you can see, this one isn't mint (the tape is a distraction) but it's actually a very clean copy. I love this early rock stuff more than anything. I think I take it for granted that I have such a historically significant and musically wonderful record when thinking of my better pieces. Plus, look at it, it's just a freaking gorgeous record. Until next time...

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