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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Elvis Presley - Elvis' Golden Records (RCA LPM-1707)

Before I get to today's record, I want to give a shout out to Even though I have no involvement with this site whatsoever, don't know anyone who does, don't scan their forums or read their newsletter, don't know if they have forums or a newsletter, I still absolutely love this site. The wealth of information is incredible and I've only used the surface info like "how much people have paid for this record and here's what it looks like." It is a fascinating website with a great layout and serves as an interesting reflection of this hobby. Okay, I'm done gushing, on with the record.
Today I'm rolling out some KING. That's right, the so-called King Of Rock N Roll, Elvis Presley. This is Elvis' Golden Records, the first of what must be a billion compilations put out to celebrate Mr. Presley. This one came out after his first 2-3 albums. It's significant for a number of reasons. First, most of the Elvis stuff that came out after this was not of its quality. He started with the movies and whatnot around this time and thus most of his albums are just soundtracks. They produced some memorable hits, of course, but there's something very commercial and stupid about them. This is like a greatest hits of songs that came out before all of that. In case you couldn't tell, I regard Elvis' first few albums as his best so a compilation of them can't be far off. This particular issue is the first of that record, as evidenced by the title "Elvis Golden Records" being in light blue. The letters were white in later pressings. Goldmine lists it at $250 but, in reality, it's worth far less than that. As I discussed in the Beatles vs. Four Seasons post, there's a ridiculous price hike for Beatles and Elvis record values because any a-hole knows to buy/keep them when they have the chance. Although I have a lot of Elvis records valued over $100, there are only two (including this one) that I would post on here unless I can turn up his first and second albums, both of which I am trying to track down for lower than reasonable prices (haha). So yeah, I'll save the other one for the holidays as that is its theme. Until then... I should have some 50s/60s girl group stuff coming up and, camera willing, I'll try and get some of my latest finds (which I am presently giddy about) up here for discussion.
Last but not least, I want to make a music recommendation for those who also keep up with modern stuff: a compilation called "Dark Was The Night" which has some of my favorite modern artists and is just non-stop amazing music over both discs. Also available on vinyl! Check it out...

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