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welcome to 'scarce records,' a blog to showcase and discuss some of the most interesting vinyl releases ever pressed as well as the record collecting hobby itself. each post will feature a different record with information on the release, how i came across it, its supposed book value and anything else that might be relevant. new records are posted at least three times per week.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Coleman Hawkins - A Documentary (Riverside 12-117)

Coleman Hawkins is easily one of my five favorite jazz musicians of all time. I don't know that he was as original or innovative as John Coltrane or Miles Davis or whoever, but I simply really enjoy his music. I was delighted to turn this one up for $3 in a big lot of records I purchased from an antique store. Goldmine says it is valued at $200 and as mine is virtually perfect, I would imagine it would fetch a decent price. Unfortunately, though, there is no music on the records. This album, "A Documentary" is just that. I was hoping it would be a career retrospect with sound or a greatest hits or something. Instead it is just Coleman Hawkins answering questions about himself. I find what he says perfectly insightful but, in the end, I would much rather watch an actual documentary or listen to Coleman's music.
Riverside is another one of the great jazz labels as mentioned in the Red Garland post last week. The work of Coleman Hawkins and Thelonious Monk alone make it great.
Thusfar I have been relatively limited in what records I could use on the site as I have only photographed a handful. This week I intend to take a ton more pictures on what (hopefully) is a better camera than the ones you've been seeing.
There will especially be more early rock records as those have been my biggest interest lately.
As always, feel free to comment below and offer suggestions for the site or your thoughts on anything I've put up here. Thanks!

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