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welcome to 'scarce records,' a blog to showcase and discuss some of the most interesting vinyl releases ever pressed as well as the record collecting hobby itself. each post will feature a different record with information on the release, how i came across it, its supposed book value and anything else that might be relevant. new records are posted at least three times per week.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley (Chess 1431)

Let's start this out with a classic. The debut album by Bo Diddley called Bo Diddley and featuring the hit single Bo Diddley. Where Mr. Diddley lacked in his ability to name things he more than compensated with his ability to rock way ahead of his time. Oh and walk funny. This one has a Goldmine book value of $200 in near mint condition. My copy is about as mint as they get except for the obvious owner-signature on the cover. eBay tells me there's a copy for sale of this record (sans signature) in comparable shape for $140. The seller might not get that much but they will probably get more than the $7 I paid for mine. I have inexplicably turned up three of Bo Diddley's first four albums over the past few years so look for them to be featured here in the future.
As for the layout of the site, I will be tagging each post with their artist, record label and genre as to ultimately develop statistics in these categories for the items I choose to post. Any other suggestions for the site are welcomed. I certainly don't want this to turn into "random guy shows off his record collection" so input would be great.
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